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When it comes to finding the Best Careers for you, we believe staunchly in this:










Passion in what you do IN YOUR LIFE is EVERYTHING... When you have REAL Passion - Red, Hot Passion - in doing your "job" - a "job" is no longer a job - it's your HOBBY; your CALLING in Life... (Ever heard of "if you LOVE

your job, you'll NEVER have to work even A DAY in your life!!!"... 


When you have Passion, EVERYTHING falls into place: yes, EVERYTHING... all things shall fall into your bosom & that includes MONEY... which shall COME to you NATURALLY...








We'll help you find those CAREERS that you're NATURALLY passionate about.


Nope, we're NOT careers consultants.  


We are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than that... Because we care to learn from MOTHER NATURE... ... 

Learning from NATURE & finding your Best Careers. 

Like all things in life, to be the BEST that you can be, you need to know yourself - what DRIVES you; the VERY THING that makes you rise up from bed... Some people know it instinctively; MOST don't... And it's here that we need to take a leaf from NATURE...


Why is NATURE so appealing? Why do we get LOST in Nature's Embrace & forget every care in the World... When we are AT ONE with NATURE, we're in THE ZONE, so to speak... A popular term is: "Being in the Flow". When we're in such a place, we have literally forgotten what we're doing; IN THE SENSE that our PASSION, OURSELVES & Everything has just blended into ONE... That's when you're doing WHAT YOU REALLY loves to DO... Oftentimes, we're so immersed in  such a PASSION that we've lost track of time... If you find yourself  always experiencing that  - congratulations - you've found your True Life Passion(s)... All these, we feel, make great sense WHEN it comes to finding your BEST CAREERS...



We help you to ARROW-IN on your Best Careers.


To power up your Career FAST, besides knowing where your PASSIONS & MOTIVATIONS are, you'll need to GET THERE (whatever your Career Destinations are) FIRST before anyone can... Learn from Mother Nature - specifically, Sunflowers... For they're NOT called Sunflowers for nothing.. Because they do FACE THE SUN whenever possible... Belonging to a family of flowers called "Heliotropic flowers", they possess a peculiar "talent" to turn their BLOSSOMS to face the Sun... This is HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS for them because by turning their their PETALS & Flower's buds Perpendicular to the Sun, they're able to GET the MAXIMUM AMOUNT of Sunlight to power Photosynthesis... 


In the same way, when you know what's your TRUE PASSIONS are, you'll be able to know WHICH CAREERS DIRECTION to take (We'll help you DECODE your BEST & Brightest Careers - many a times which are HIDDEN; yes, we are talking about your HIDDEN Talent - which some people may never find our in their entire lifetime...)...


TRUE Passions + Career's DIRECTION (which we'll TELL you where you'll need to GO) = Permanent Success for you!!!


So when you DO SO, you'll OUTSHINE everyone most Naturally... Competition from fellow Job Seekers? Need you fear that? For when you KNOW your TRUE PASSIONS, everything becomes "EFFORTLESS". This is a fact... Because remember the saying: " Loves conquers ALL".  This is NOT A FEEL GOOD Motivational-Speak.  It's the ultimate TRUTH if you want to reach the pinnacle in whatever thing you aspire to do.  


Please go on to ABOUT US to find out HOW we can do that for you.


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Rigorous Research that spans: 

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"I was looking for a confirmation which can prove my intuition that i should start my business with toner as our core business as opposed to copier... the reading was spot on... In 3 years' time, my sales have reached the level of that of a SME Top 100 though I'd decline to go for a public nomination as I'm a low profile individual...".
- Dennis Zhang, Managing Director, Alliance Tech & Trading Pte Ltd
                                                               (previously of Alliance Technology & Trading LLP)
"For 20 over years, I have had a very fulfilling career as a Personal Assistant in Law firms; but for some reasons, I would prefer to still work as a Personal Assistant, but probably in another industry... But thing is, I've absolutely no idea in what other industry I could work in... Most importantly, I wish that this new industry would be as promising as those Law firms I'd worked in, both in terms of job prospects or in the good camaraderie I've had enjoyed among fellow colleagues in the law firms I've worked in.  
Edward, the Chief Careers Scientist & founder here (UYBC), advised me to take up a job in the Executive Search industry (in the same role also as a Personal Assistant)... It has been 3 years since then... Never have I enjoyed my time with my colleagues in my current Executive Search firm more than any other firms I've worked in..ever.. What Edward had said in a FULL Careers Report he'd sent to me for the Reading is so true: to quote what he said in the Report - " ... Executive Search firms that we recommend you to work in is much more 'well-attuned to your Numbers, both your Time-of-Birth (DOB) Chart & your Time-of-Birth (TOB) Chart - this is in comparison to the Law firms you're currently working in.  In fact, you'll encounter very nice people in this industry... More important thing is, the people you encounter there will give you many 'good opportunities', whether in terms of Monetary or non-monetary ones like share good things or recommend good things to you". 
As it turned out, one of my kids is studying in a school (with my colleague's recommendation about a year ago) with a very good school environment, compared to the previous one he was in.    Thank you for the very accurate Reading... one with a HEART!!! 
- Nura JBS; currently working in a leading local Executive Search
firm as a Personal Assistant since 2017.  

"I have been in the Hotel line for what seems to be an eternity & I was looking for some fresh challenges... It was then that what seemed to be a great offer came dangling before me... it was for a similar role as what I have been doing in the Hotel right now BUT in a completely different line - a Cruise liner & which is of international repute!!  In my heart, I was telling myself to go for it BUT because of my son's... needing me to be with him... I've chosen to stay put in my Hotel line... Then I came across the supposed very accurate Reading of Edward (the Founder, that is) & almost immediately, my Heart raced, wanting to find out if it was not for my son, would I got that Cruise liner job??  I signed up for the online Reading there & then... But I didn't let the cat out of the bag - meaning I didn't let Dr Edward know that it was a Cruise liner that offered me the job for I want to test out his Accuracy!!


And when the Reading Report came, I was all smiles because Dr Edward told me that Cruise liner job is one industry that's DIVINELY made for me... Which in terms of job prospects will SHINE twice as bright as compared to the Hotel line I'm in right now... I quote from his Reading Report here: ".... the most DIRECT & extraordinary Correlations (Match) of a Cruise liner job in your Birth Charts, especially your Date-of-Birth  (DOB) chart is most gratifying, meaning you will achieve MUCH in a short span of time if you ever take up a job in a Cruise ship company..."


So now, I'm "gleefully" & "secretly" waiting for my son's things to pass BEFORE my next opportunity comes along, which according to Dr Edward shall be "a few years away as your Affinity with Cruise liner job comes  in a CYCLE every xxx year (I wouldn't want to reveal it here lest my current employer sees it!)


                   - Sharon Perera

                             Senior Manager at a Major  

                            Hotel MNC.


"Like all fresh graduates, I stumbled upon a Sales job on my best friend's recommendation... I must say I did enjoy it generally... But it was not something I would die for kind-of-job... Because of the better-than-average pay, I'd stayed in that job for a year plus... I was then feeling rather bored with life when I came upon the website of Dr Edward Lee... Upon reading on his website & knowing what they can do to help, I asked him what other job is suitable for me...


And the reply came quite fast in the form of a Reading Report... I was really surprised... Because it validated my initial feelings that I may have a hidden talent in Public Relations (PR).. My first Degree was in Psychology & besides that, I've no idea what I'm really interested in... Yes, he gave me a few options, BUT the one that sticks is this possible career in PR as I've secretly thought of but which I thought I may not be good enough for... I knew I was wrong, & totally so!! when he said:"....  from your Date-of-Birth (DOB) Chart & especially coming from your Time-of-Birth (TOB) Chart, they indicated that you have a very strong HIDDEN talent in the field of Public Relations.... As it's a specialized field & from the FORM you've filled up which delineated your academic background in Psychology - I would surmise you had overlooked this very viable career option.  If that's the case, we would suggest you take up the relevant training in PR; say by taking up a Degree or Post-Graduate course in PR... Because of your VERY STRONG, HIDDEN Numbers pairs in this field, we are very certain - in fact up to 97% certain that this will one of the MOST FULFILLING careers for you." 

I thought long & hard about his comments & within 2 weeks I was finding myself enjoying every second of my part-time Degree in Public relations that will be awarded by a prestigious Australian university... Although juggling work & studies was not a ride in the park definitely, I graduated top of my class & within just 1 year 2 months years into my role as a PR Associate in a Multinational firm, I was promoted to a Senior post... And now just about half a year later, I have just heard that I will be a prime candidate to fill one of the managerial posts soon!!!"

- Venice Gan

                             Senior Public Relations Associate  

at a Multinational PR Group with Head Office based in




"I am a retired Businessman who ran a 30 persons Carpentry business since my prime... Now having retired, I've been a freelance Renovation Contractor for the past 6 years... I 'accidentally' bumped into this Scientific-based Reading & was deeply curious to verify that Carpentry was my Life's career... Almost immediately, I asked for a Reading...


But I was totally shocked by the Reading Report that was sent to me because it DID NOT VERIFY that my 'Life's Career' was in Carpentry!!! but in PLUMBING instead...


Now as I look back in hindsight, I could perhaps understand why was that so... Though I had a Passion for Carpentry per se, my business though profitable in a sense, did not perform as well as I'd wanted as there were frequent cashflow problems which I had to grapple with... I had known friends & business associates in the plumbing line who were pretty well-off & had once thought in a wistful manner  - "what if" my business was a plumbing conglomerate instead... 


And in the Reading Report, it was stated that "Plumbing would be a career that is fully aligned with your Life's Purpose, meaning it's a career that would be both FINANCIALLY or MATERIALLY, as well SPIRITUALLY fulfilling to you... this is one of those few career options that will bring you TRUE WEALTH in every sense of the word." 


I should say I was dreaming to be a RICH MAN all my life - BUT I've never ever thought that the Plumbing business would be an avenue!!!...".

- Patrick Ngiam

                          Retired Businessman in the Carpentry business for

more than 40 years whose currently a freelance Renovation Contractor


"I've chanced upon this website while surfing online & was immediately intrigued to find out what's this SCIENTIFIC reading is all about...


To introduce myself, I am a professional Musician -  an Organist performing in Churches, Cathedrals & Concert halls... After reading through this site, I'm piqued by the CASE HISTORIES of FAMOUS Entrepreneurs - where the Founder, Dr Edward was able to tell through the numbers that LUXURY product is "encoded in" this particular French Billionaire's Date-of-Birth"... 


At that point in time, I was thinking to myself, if he (the Founder) can do that, can he tell whether this particular musical piece, "Requeim" by  Maurice Durufle is "what he called encoded in me"?


Little did Edward knew of my special affinity to this particular musical piece for I've been peforming this piece for so many years!!!  So when the Reading Report came & Dr Edward said I'm "DIVINELY made to perform his (Durufle) work & especially, "Requeim", to quote from it, it further strengthened my conviction that I'm made to play this piece... More importantly, it has opened up my connections to the Universe...  From there, I could feel very palpably a new and boundless energy flow in me...  Which I strongly believe, has guided me to KNOW I CAN BE what I want to be & what I ever DESIRED!!!... 


And best of all, he told me I should perform ''Requeim" in a concert hall & on specific dates which he recommended... I did that & the result was simply astounding: the reception was truly one that I've never imagined!!! 


                                          - Joseph Schenk 

                             from Rockport, Illinois,

                                                 United States

                           Organist (Musical Organs

                                                  Performer) &

               Graduate of the World-renowned

                            Juilliard School of Music.